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If you are looking to represent yourself in court this new book will de-mystify the legal process and arm you with the know-how and confidence to achieve a successful outcome.

Each chapter of the book opens with a helpful section, like this one from Chapter Two

What you will learn

  • •        How to decide if this is the end of the relationship
  • •        Your options for saving your relationship – counselling and therapy
  • •        How to approach the practical side of break ups – children and finances
  • •        How to resolve issues without going to court
  • •        Collaboration, mediation and arbitration – what these terms mean
  • •        What steps are involved if you go to court
  • •        How and when to obtain legal advice

The chapters in the book follow chronologically in broad terms the issues that you will encounter as your family break-up evolves, and gives you the advice and confidence to get through this difficult time.

The contents of the book:

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Initial Considerations

Chapter 3 – How to Think Like a Family Lawyer

Chapter 4 – Bringing the Marriage/Civil Partnership to an End

Chapter 5 – Pre-proceedings Conduct and Case Preparation

Chapter 6 – Advocacy – How Best to Make your Case at Court

Chapter 7 – Domestic Violence

Chapter 8 – Children

Chapter 9 – Finances

Chapter 10 – Cohabitation

Chapter 11 – Obtaining Money for your Children from the Court

Chapter 12 – Enforcement of Court Orders

Appendix – Glossary: Explains all the legal terms

For further information, go to: http://www.jordanpublishing.co.uk/practice-areas/family/publications/Divorce-and-Separation



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